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ReWrite eBook (Self-Harm)

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ReWrite: The Journey from Self-Harm to Healing


The stigma is that people who self-harm are crazy. The reality is they’ve found a solution to complex problems in their life.

Most self-harm books are filled with medical terminology that reads like a dictionary, leaving those who suffer all the more confused. They’re uncertain how to ask for support or talk about the shame they feel. Many are uncertain even why they do it. All they know is it helps.

ReWrite is a book that cuts through the clutter and platitudes to help those who cut and their friends and family understand:

  • The stigmas and the truth behind self-harm
  • Reasons you began self-injury even when you’re unsure
  • How to cope with the guilt and shame
  • How willpower won’t get you to stop
  • Tried-and-true recovery techniques and exercises
  • How a person’s faith can help
  • Information and excursuses for friends and family who want to support their loved one

Don’t waste another day stuck in the clutches of self-harm. Join others who have successfully turned their lives around with information provided here.

Step into the journey. ReWrite your story.

——100% of the proceeds of this eBook fund real-time support for people struggling with mental health.


Every item you purchase from our store helps fund 1 hour of mental health support for members of our community through our forum, our live stream, and our content.


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