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Heart Support

Isolation Isn't Safe Tee

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We can believe that the unknown of vulnerability is scarier than a familiar misery.

But we often forget that the walls we build to keep others out keep us locked inside with the scariest parts of ourselves...alone.

Isolation is NOT safe.

The first step towards healing is always speaking out.
All wounds caused from relationships can only be healed in relationship.
We believe in the power of community.

We refuse to let our struggles imprison us. We own the courage to tear down walls and build connections with others. And we have the faith that when we do, we will become who we were meant to be.

100% of the proceeds of this shirt fund mental health support for members of the HeartSupport community. Designed by @andyglassjaw from @wecameasromans


Every item you purchase from our store helps fund 1 hour of mental health support for members of our community through our forum, our live stream, and our content.


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