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Embrace eBook (Devo by Ryan Kirby)

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The Embrace: 21 Day Devotional with Ryan Kirby


What happens when your Christian experience seems superficial?

You know you’re meant to love your neighbor as yourself and offer mercy to those who doubt, but everything you’ve seen revolves around judgement or God as an angry sky wizard. How can you learn to embrace the love of God and your neighbor when Christian culture has strayed so far? 

Join Ryan Kirby, the lead vocalist of metalcore band Fit For A King, as he shares never before heard stories inside the music industry and how he learned to embrace God and those around him. Ryan invites you into his journey of doubt, faith, failure, and victory to help you:

  • Shirk the messages of condemnation and see God as a loving father
  • Hear authentic stories of struggle and scriptural application to seize control over the voices of self-doubt
  • Learn to love others and avoid the culture wars by examining your shortcomings 
  • Shift your perspective about how you view life, money, relationships, and purpose through a more intimate relationship with God

Don’t waste another day missing out the joy and peace God promises. Let Ryan show you how to capture the embrace. 


--100% of the proceeds of this book help fund real-time support for people struggling with mental health.


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